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Ivan Kolesnikov – Experienced Professional In Programming

Experienced professional in programming. Total development experience — over 10 years. Ivan specializes in creating new IT solutions for business and choosing the right way to solve all the users’ problems. Used to run a team of developers and has a degree in technical science. Creativity and search for the most efficient approach to every task made his projects successful on the market and brought his clients millions of dollars. Now he is interested in sharing his experience with advanced developers and beginners in IT.

Ivan's Articles(217)

Blockchain Development: Where do you need it and how to create one?

Blockchain — a topic that has been up for a very long time. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only used in the financial sphere....
02.12.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

Hiring a Blockchain developer: Everything you need to know

Blockchain is one of the safest methods to store data. It is always updated, cannot be corrupted or deleted, and it makes things sec...
27.11.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

Hiring an Asp.Net Developer: Everything you need to know

Using dynamic web pages is a good way to attract more customers to your business. However, many companies underestimate this feature...
25.11.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

Hiring a Full-Stack Developer: Everything you need to know

Each web application needs to have high-quality front-end and back-end. If two different specialists work on it, they will have a lo...
23.11.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

Hiring an iPad App Developer: Everything you need to know

More than 80 million people in the US use iPads of different versions. This is a big part of your potential customers, so reaching o...
20.11.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

Hiring a Net Developer: Everything you need to know

This framework is used by many companies around the world to develop high-class software. Many things can be made with its help: web...
18.11.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

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