Cryptocurrency creation: important notes, step-by-step guide, and more!

Have you noticed how often a blockchain is mentioned in every news feed? This boosts the creation of new cryptocurrencies and system...
15.02.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Web design cost: market prices, features, hiring a specialist

Creating a website requires a lot of planning. It is necessary that you know about all the costs in advance. Otherwise, the project ...
10.02.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

How to create a live streaming app: types, 6 steps of creation, features, and monetization

Live streaming software gains over 10 million active users daily, and this number keeps on growing more and more. There are differen...
08.02.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

AI vs Machine Learning: Correlation, data science, explanations, salaries, and examples

AI and Machine Learning are two correlated areas that would be somewhat worthless without each other. Their existence makes our life...
05.02.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

ERP Development: Create and develop your own system

Managing business processes is always a difficult task. However, ERP comes as a perfect solution. Everything that is related to your...
03.02.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Difference Between a Software Developer and Software Engineer: Skills, roles, challenges, salaries

The professions of software developers and software engineers are often misunderstood. Most people tend to believe that these are id...
29.01.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

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