WordPress is one of the most famous platforms on the internet that is used to create websites. Even a person without former experience is able to make a simple website there. However, if you want to get a high-quality product that will attract thousands of customers each day, it is important that a professional developer works on it. Where do you get one? Read on to find out.


The number of freelancing WordPress developers is enormous. There is a lot of work in this field because many people want to have their own blogs, companies want to have their own websites, businesses want to sell their products, etc. Some of the platforms where it is possible to find a freelancing WordPress developer are:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer and others.

It is very important that you choose the best freelancers among all on these platforms. You can easily point them out by checking the reviews in their profiles, their portfolio, and statistics. However, keep in mind that each platform is a mediator, so you have to be ready to pay an additional amount for using its services. This usually is a certain percentage from the overall deal, and it may be 5-20% depending on the company.

Advantages of hiring a freelance WordPress developer:

  • Cheapest rates
  • Specialists with different experience levels
  • Ability to choose any person who applies for your project
  • Readily available portfolio and reviews.

Disadvantages of hiring a freelance WordPress developer:

  • Need to pay a percentage from the deal if you work with a platform
  • Possibility of being deceived
  • No guarantee that the deadlines will not be missed.

Outstaff WordPress Developer

A better option would be working with an outstaffing agency. The main idea of this hiring method is that you get a specialist who is officially employed in another company. This reduces your tax payments because you pay the agency for providing services while it bothers with the salaries, bonuses, etc.

The only place where you can hire an outstaff WordPress developer is an outstaffing agency. Make sure you read all the possible reviews and request more details regarding the specialist’s experience and portfolio. This will help you make sure you get a qualified dev who won’t make any mistakes.

Pros of hiring an outstaffing WordPress developer:

  • Lower rates
  • A dedicated team member
  • Flexible hiring model
  • Fewer tax issues

Cons of hiring an outstaffing WordPress developer:

  • Need to make sure there is a proper communication channel with the specialist
  • Responsibility for the development process.

Outsource WordPress Developer

Outsourcing is one of the most popular hiring models in IT. Especially after the lockdown, more experts began working from home. In a nutshell, outsourcing is a better version of freelancing. You work with a person on a regular basis, so you do not have to search for a new employee after each project.

An outsourcer may be found in various places. These can be freelancing platforms, social media, recruitment agencies. It all depends on the channels you choose. However, be aware that outsourcers, just like freelancers, often tend to get additional work from outside the company if their pay is low, and there isn’t much to do. This lowers their dedication to the team.

Advantages of hiring an outsource WordPress developer:

  • The hiring process is easier.
  • Responsibility for the result is on the vendor.
  • There is no need to provide special equipment or software.
  • It requires fewer management efforts.

Disadvantages of hiring an outsource WordPress developer:

  • You need to pay higher salaries.
  • There is no direct control over the developer.
  • The developer can work on other companies’ projects as well

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