About Project

Crypto Connectors is a project that allows you to connect to the top-level cryptocurrency exchanges using a single point of entry. With the help of Crypto Connectors, you can get a lot of different information from cryptocurrency exchanges: find prices, balances, order books, find data for each currency pair, data for active/executed orders, as well as make transfers between exchanges. Using our universal service, clients can trade on different exchanges all from one comprehensive client. With our advanced API a trader can open an order on Binance and then seamlessly switch to make a trade on Huobi. To get started, all you need is to have an exchange account and use Crypto Connectors side by side to get the maximum results! We currently support you over 30 cryptocurrency exchanges and our team is constantly working to add more. We mainly get our information through a Rest or WebSocket connection. We are always expanding our services and can now create individual connections for our traders.

Our service creates up new
opportunities for our traders:

  • The first ever universal
    cryptocurrency exchange
  • A secure and fast arbitrage
  • Discover and successfully
    implement different trading
  • Websites created with
    CoinMarketCap data
Status: In development

Project's global goal:

We want to make the crypto industry more understandable and accessible to everyone interested. Our aim is to make finding information and making trades easier and faster than ever before.

How Crypto Connectors works:

Using our API, you will be able to access different types of information from the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges. We receive this data, structure it, and pass it on to our customers using our technical solution (through our API). There are several ways to use the service. We provide standard Crypto Connectors services. Connect to our service (API) and use the data that we provide for your purposes. The cost is specifically tailored to each trader - we balance the amount of requests made and the functions each trader uses to find the right price for you. We also provide standard Crypto Connectors services for project implementation. Here we can act as:

  • Performers to help your current product integrate with our service.
  • Performers who help realize your project using our Crypto Connectors solution as a basis. For example, if you want to launch a website with cryptocurrency price quotes, we will help you to do it.
  • Performers who extend the current Crypto Connectors service to meet customer requirements. For example, we can create a new connector for an exchange or data provider.

Advantages of our service:

  • Security
  • Operating speed
  • System reliability
  • Customer loyalty

Project team:

  • 2 Back-End Developer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 QA

We provide the following data:

With the help of our service, clients get a wide range of opportunities and can create the following products:

  • Prices

Our API returns the current price of any cryptocurrency and all trading information (price, volume, opening, maximum, minimum, etc.) for the requested pairs. We provide price data for over 100 coins and over 100 currency pairs.

  • Historical data

Get historical data with any given timestamp, average daily price based on hourly vwap, and total daily and hourly exchange volume.

  • Opportunity to trade

Using our API, you will be able to create orders for different exchanges without delay with the WebSocket connection.

  • Ability to make transfers between exchanges

Using our API, you can quickly and efficiently transfer funds between exchanges.

  • Real-time information

Our API transmits and returns all subscriptions combinations and price information in real-time using a WebSocket connection.

  • More info

With our API, you can do much more, and we are continuously trying to increase the amount of information provided.

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