About Project

The client company needed to upgrade software that would support work with more than 3 million customers, and the Global Cloud Team began working on the product.

We have automated, and optimized business processes simplified the architecture and selected a solution for each client requirement. We collected the most successful technologies, packed and supplied with a friendly design. It turned out the productive CRM - a holistic approach to the main tasks of the business.

  • PCI Level 1 Visa / Mastercard certified
  • Over 100 Billion USD monthly transactions
  • Servicing over 3 Million customers
  • Supports thousands of multinational employees
Status: Production V 5.1

How Work Began on CRM

In 2015, an R&D center was opened in St. Petersburg, where intensive development of CRM began. In the same year, a team of 10 specialists released an updated version of the product.

What happened next

  • In 2016, we expanded the team by opening an R&D center in Dnipro.
  • Filled the product with the necessary functionality and built-in services as a reliable CRM / ERP systems.
  • Set up easy and fast integration of CRM with any external services.
  • We expanded the department of system and business analysts, and eliminated conflicts of the logic of subsystems.
  • We have developed a system of cooperation with customers: wishes are transformed into requirements, are consistent and become solutions in practice
  • Used dynamic and cyclical testing. We implemented the BDD (Behavior Driven Development) approach and focused on testing automation.
  • Connect DevOps specialists to the project.

Key Features of xCritical CRM

  • Development in close collaboration with analysts
  • Efficient UI-UX Design
  • Dynamic and cyclic solution of the problem
  • Behavior Driven Development and Automated Testing Focus
  • Secure Failover Infrastructure
  • Deploy a clean system from scratch
  • Combining Kanban and Scrum Approaches
  • Reliable data protection thanks to licenses from Visa and Mastercard
  • Microsoft PowerBI Integration for Business Intelligence
  • Transaction Volume - Over $ 20 Billion
  • More than 3 million users

What Tasks xCritical CRM Solves

  • Optimizes the communication system between offices, distributes the load between them.
  • It works with a vast array of data that comes from different trading platforms.
  • Provides security through licenses Visa and MasterCard and PCI Compliance Level 1 - data security certificate.
  • It perfectly visualizes business results and their analysis.
What Technologies Used
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