Fight Coronavirus
About Project

This virus knows no boundaries – geographical, political or any other. In one way or another, it will impact us all. So, we built this service with the aim of helping you get through this with a little less stress. A little less fear. And genuine human connection – safely and securely. We provide free online support for people affected by coronavirus around the world. Our volunteers are various field experts, ready to answer all of your questions and provide psychological support.

  • More than 300 people helped to date
  • A whole team of volunteers who are ready to respond
  • 5 topics you can start a conversation about
  • A variety of messengers to facilitate your conversation
  • All devices are supported
  • Efficient UI-UX Design
  • Localization into three languages
  • Works on all devices
  • Everything you need to communicate

Sharing knowledge and best practices is crucial to avoid mistakes and optimize the response, through every stage of the spread. We use a variety of messaging services to facilitate conversations and we have experts standing by to offer help and answer questions. Mobile traffic is growing every day, which is why our system is also adapted for mobile devices.

Anyone who can devote a little of their time and experience to helping people get through this pandemic are encouraged to volunteer for our system. This service connects anyone who is ready and willing to help with those who need it.

How Our Work Began

COVID-19 changed the world and spurred a lot of unanswered questions. Particularly, people in lockdown are suffering from information scarcity with only the Internet for guidance. To fill this need, experts in various fields have stepped up, wanting to provide some much-needed support. As such, the AskMe system was created to facilitate this outpouring of help. It was initially launched on the Fight Coronavirus portal for anyone visiting the Facebook page.

What Happened Next

Soon, the opportunities the system can provide were revealed in a multifaceted fashion. So, we started to work hard to improve it and create a unique communication tool using messengers and applications on various platforms.

We analyzed the most commonly used instant messengers and began using them to build connections. The project allows people to communicate through Telegram, Facebook, Web-Client, among others. In addition, we have created a convenient mobile application.

Finally, we built an independent application that provides the ability to communicate between system customers and managers who can answer questions. In addition, this is a convenient system for management and performance monitoring.

What Tasks AskMe Solves

  • Convenient management system
  • Instant processing
  • Tracking manager performance
  • Connection to various instant messengers
  • Fast Mobile App
  • Base for saving all information
  • Communication quality control
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