About Project

We are the next-generation digital asset exchange that bridges the gaps between cryptocurrency and legacy finance. You can buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on our exchange. The Beaxy Exchange app makes professional trading on the go simple! Get access to cutting edge tools, information, and markets all easily accessible right on your phone or tablet.


  • Production version - 2.2
  • Application for Android and iOS
  • Added trender (swipe cards)
  • Active focus user group
  •  1500 + active users
  • Average daily volume $ 22, 749.60
  • Average trades per day on mobile - 144
  • Percentage or trades done on mobile - 34%


  • 3 developers
  • 1 QA specialist
  •  Designer
  • Project manager

We are a qualified and experienced mobile app development team. We approach the creation and designing of our product responsibly and professionally so that we can produce a modern and appropriate product.

Development Time:

  • Minimum Viable Product: 3 months
  •  First Release: 5-6 months

Project History:

In May of 2019, we began developing a mobile application for crypto exchange. After our Annual 2019 conference, we began cooperation with the Beaxy team and continued development under the Beaxy Brand After only half a year we were ready to release our first version.

A new level of approach to UI/UX

  • Animation empty state screens
  • Switching between screens
  •  Loading
  •  Animation swipe card with signals for users
  •  Own chart library


We use the Xamarin framework for cross-platform development of mobile applications (iOS, Android) using the C# language. This allows us to develop the application much faster and get the application to work as fully as our desktop version does. The correctness of the application we support writing Unit Tests and UITest

Programming language - C# Xamarin

  • One Technology Stack to Code for All Platforms
  •  Performance Close to Native
  • Native User Experiences
  • Reduced project costs
  • Framework specifically developed for Xamarin and the mobile ecosystem Ipsum available
  • Share behavior and business logic in a single codebase across supported platforms, using the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) design pattern
  • Xamarin UITest
  • Nunit
  • SpecFlow