About Project

A transaction platform, a blogger platform, and a community for investors. Own Facebook for those who trade in the financial markets - with news feed, likes, comments, blogs, and profit forecasts.
  • Proprietary Social Network for Investors
  • IOS + Android Native App
  • Adaptive UI
  • Extensive Feature Set
  • Multilingual
Status: Production Web V 1.5
Mobile V 1.8.4

Project Value

The GCT team received a new, different, and multifunctional task - to create a social network and platform for transactions. Typically, traders do not trust information from brokers: they follow their commercial interests and do not always think about the benefits of customers. However, everyone uses the forecasts and signals of their colleagues.

Our finished product is InvestArena social network, which has been successfully operating since 2017. The site has more than 2 thousand active users and dozens of professional bloggers. Website is translated into 6 languages.

What will be done on the website InvestArena

  • Customize the tape as you wish, start a blog, and read other people's — content management system as flexible as possible.
  • Create forecasts for trading instruments and view their results in real-time.
  • In seconds, connect to any broker and control transactions directly from your account. Freely manage your account and open positions from the news feed.
  • Post likes, share posts, leave comments, and exchange opinions.
  • Get points for activity, spend them on gifts and bonuses
  • Easy to go to the trading platform and back.

How We Worked

  • We assembled the core team of developers, 1 team leader, QA-engineer, and project-manager.
  • At the end of 2016 began work on the project. We thought that our social network would have functionality with which users are already familiar. Analyzed the market leaders, removed unnecessary, and left the most popular UX solutions.
  • We created a tape of posts and organized its quick issuance, added likes, comments, subscriptions, and interest groups.
  • We studied in detail the trading application and its API, adjusted compatibility with our social network and prepared connectors for servers of other companies. Users have the opportunity to connect their broker and open transactions directly on the site.
  • Six months later, we launched a website in production and gave it a name - InvestArena. Received feedback from users and began to refine the client and backend part of the portal.
  • We have added popular framework React.js.
  • We developed a chat, an economical news feed, an educational center, competitions, investment portfolios, and activity scores.
  • We implemented a Whitelabel version with a connection to the broker and a smooth transition from the trading platform and back.
  • We improved UX design based on user behavior scenarios.
What Technologies Used
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