About Project

SmartBot is a unique interactive online investor assistant that provides financial information and anticipates traders’ needs by offering personalized services based on individual behavior, habits, and status. We created this system with the use of integrations with the trading platform, CRM and AMS systems. They give traders the ability to be automatically and seamlessly involved in each trade based on their portfolio. The bot's Al algorithms use key indicators with each trader's previous experience and then provide the most relevant information, estimates and market forecasts. The trader receives constant 24/7 assistance in a simple, convenient and familiar format without the need to contact an expert. The dialogue is a customizable conversation flow created by experts.
  • Increases conversion rate
  • Keeps track of market trends
  • Reduces load on customer support
  • Provides assistance 24/7
  • Promotes broker services and events
  • Develop individual trader competence and confidence
  • Customizable WebUI kit
Status: Production V 2.1.1

How our work began:

We began creating SmartBot near the end of 2019 as the Global Cloud Team focused on working to improve the trader experience. We developed a customizable flow that provided a front line of customer support and gave prompt replies to FAQs. From this, we continued working on support compliance and the depositing process, so the traders were shown exactly how to deposit. According to our partners’ reports we were largely successful: 10% of clients reached the deposit stage without contacting an expert. The integration of a top speech recognition engine let SmartBot become what it is today. The development of SmartBot was all possible due to the work of 4 dedicated team members that continually worked on SmartBot daily. In 2020 we proudly announced SmartBot’s official launch. Today, SmartBot can be used from a desktop, from any mobile device or OS and is now available as an individual mobile application.

What’s next:

  • Give users the ability to directly open/close deals
  • Send Notifications to customers
  • Integration with our other product, “AskMe”