The Work in Mobile Game Development Company

The industry of mobile games for Android smartphones and tablets is gaining momentum every year.

Some statistics:

Work in a mobile game development company is for creative people with a technical mindset.

The most popular mobile genres are:

Although there is high competition in these niches, you can still earn money here, and this is done in several ways:

The secret of a large number of installations and game sales in a mobile game development company is a unique design and gameplay. Therefore, it is important to answer the following questions:

The answers to these questions will give you a ground to create a unique idea of mobile game development – something that will set you apart from the competition.

How to succeed in mobile game development

The creation of most modern mobile video games looks like this: first, some calculations are made, then other calculations are made, then third calculations are made. Somewhere in the process of writing a concept, there is a development and later the release of the main part-active support, which, in general, is a continuation of the development, only under a different name. The content of the concept, development, and support often plays a secondary role because it depends entirely on the calculations.

So, what is important to know and apply when creating mobile video games?

1. Market/user segmentation in mobile game apps development

It is a division of people into groups (segments) for similar consumer needs. It can be carried out both among all buyers and only among potential buyers. Segmentation is directly related to the choice of the target audience.

2. Target audience

People who are interested in a video game or its services, as well as potential buyers. Any given criteria select them: gender, age, habits, social circle, place of residence, preferred color of clothing. The entire marketing campaign (video series, sound series, text, images) is calculated and built for the target audience.

3. The game cycle

These are the main game features that create a sequence of repeatable actions.

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